Strawberry Propagation - Rejuvenating and expanding your strawberry plants

Strawberries require a little maintenance to keep the going for the next season and that is a great time to expand your you strawberry patch or give some starts to a friend.

My master gardener friend showed me how she does this on my recent visit.  

Note: The two pots with red leaves still need to be cleaned and repotted, the rest have already been cleaned up.

1) She takes out each strawberry plant removes the dead material.  (BTW - Our Hori Hori Garden Knife is the perfect tool for cutting through the roots an digging up the plant

2) Next pull the strawberry clump out and divide it into a few parts. 

Getting your hands dirty is the best way to accomplish this.

When you're done, you'll be left with a rhizome.

My friend adds some compost and a little organic fertilizer to refresh the soil and replanted about dozen back into each pot.  

We took home some leftovers and planted the rhizome starts.  This apple container worked great.

As the weather warmed up we replanted into larger buckets.  Grab your favorite garden spade and child (optional) and plant into some refreshed soil.


 transplanting strawberry starts