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Kids Pocket Knife and Survival Kit

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Whether it is a hurricane, earthquake, zombie apocalypse, camping trip, hiking adventure, or car trip, this emergency survival kit is the ultimate life-saver. Built with traveling and easy storage in mind, you can store and use this ultimate survival kit whenever and wherever you would like. To ensure safe usage, we installed a super easy safety button on our stainless steel pocket knife which makes it easy to use for kids and seniors.

Along with the pocket knife, you’ll receive a jack-of-all-trades card tool, with 11 features in one tool, that will allow you to conquer any task at hand with one sleek and slender tool. It has a can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, saw blade, and more!

Just in case you need to get a fire started, it also has a flint stone starter kit to get the perfect spark.

As a bonus, you’ll also receive a loud emergency whistle that can help get someone’s attention during an emergency. This Ultimate Survival Kit really has everything you could ever need in case of an emergency. Your future self will be happy you got it.