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Folding Garden Knife

Folding Garden Knife

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  • RAZOR SHARP CURVED BLADE: The dual beveled (sickle style) concave blade is great for pruning suckers, harvesting greens and herbs, bud grafting, opening bags and boxes and Truly Garden Grafting Knife has a locking stainless-steel blade. Our garden hand tools are made to have this extra sharp for a seamless grafting, budding or cutting. It has a single bevel that makes a clean and flat cut. Blade was made to be slightly curved for universal cutting task.
  • STAINLESS STEEL LOCKING BLADE: The nearly 3" blade firmly locks in place and made with stainless steel so it won't rust.
  • BEAUTIFUL COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The handle is made of genuine Rosewood with a Satin finish that makes it elegant while providing a good grip.
  • NOT JUST GARDENING: The curved hawkbill blade has 100's of daily uses including cutting linolium, vinyl, carpet, rope, and zip ties. It makes a great box cutter or a beautiful wine foil cutter. It also great for carving and whittling.
  • MADE BY TRULY GARDEN: Truly Garden is proud of our 5-Star Seller Rating and offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and 5 YEAR WARRANTY on this product.