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Hori Hori Garden Tool with Leather Sheath and Sharpening Rod

Hori Hori Garden Tool with Leather Sheath and Sharpening Rod

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Make gardening even easier with our premium Hori Hori Tool. 
  • Save time digging and weeding. This heavy duty knife can pop out weeds in a snap. Got deep weeds? Just stick the knife under the roots and twist, and the weeds will pop right out. You can also use it to plant bulbs and dig small holes. 
  • Sharp but safe. The blade is sharp enough to cut roots and heavy weeds.  But the guard on the handle will help protect your hand and keep you from hurting yourself.
  • Heavy duty sheath. Comes with a heavy, thick leather sheath with heavy duty rivets, to protect your knife when not in use. Includes a belt loop, so you can strap the sheath and knife on your belt on gardening days. 
  • Easy to sharpen. All Hori Horis should be sharpened regularly if you use them for cutting and digging in dirt. Because this product is designed for digging in dirt, the Truly Garden Hori Hori includes a sharpening rod ($10 value) that lets you sharpen both the flat and serrated sides of the blade anytime. 
  • Quality that lasts. The knife includes a 5 year warranty, videos on how to maintain your tool in excellent condition, and full customer care and support.