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Hori Hori Knife (Only)

Hori Hori Knife (Only)

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This is the Truly Garden Knife only. It does NOT include the sheath or sharpening rod.

An updated version of a 16th century Japanese tool, this one powerful tool can accomplish a wide variety of gardening tasks, including: - Digging - Weeding - Cutting - Pruning - Measuring - Planting bulbs - Harvesting

  • Eco-friendly. Our Hori Hori knife is the only one on Amazon with a handle made from wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as being sustainably harvested.
  • Extra sharp. You won’t believe it, but most other Hori Hori knives on Amazon aren’t very sharp, which limits what you can do with them. Who wants a dull knife? Our knives are extra sharp, and even include a free sharpening whetstone to keep them that way. Our metal safety guard helps protect your hand.
  • Higher quality than other Hori Hori knives. Our knife includes a knife tang that extends the entire length of the handle and three rust-proof pins for extra strength. We have spared no detail in creating a premium knife.
  • 30 day money back guarantee, plus a 5 year warranty.