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Rechargeable LED Camping Headlamp

Rechargeable LED Camping Headlamp

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Our rechargeable headlamp makes it easier than ever to see what's around you at night. 

  • Superior task lighting. Most headlamps have a narrow beam, good for seeing into the distance, but bad for seeing what's right in front of you. Loma Creek's headlamp is different. We use a specially-designed array of 9 LEDs to light up the area immediately around you, which makes it superior to most headlamps for tasks like setting up a campsite, changing a tire, or checking on your chickens.
  • Three light settings. Our headlamp has a Low setting, a High setting, and a flashing SOS setting for emergencies. 
  • Long battery life. Our battery is good for 7-8 hours on the Low setting, 3-4 hours on the Full setting, and 12+ hours on the SOS setting.  
  • Easy to recharge. The headlamp recharges in 2-3 hours using our included USB charger, and will last for hundreds of recharges. 
  • Easy to aim. The headlamp can swivel from looking straight ahead, to 45 degrees down, depending where you want to aim it. 
  • Plus other great features. The headlamp has an extra large headband with an adjustable strap. It's lightweight, at only 2.5 oz, and it's water-resistant. The headlamp comes in a frustration-free cardboard box. Includes a USB cord you can plug into any USB outlet on your car, computer, or other device. (Wall adapter not included.)
  • Technical specs. 160 lumens, 1200mah battery
  • Individually boxed: Multi-packs are individually boxed and make great gifts.
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