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Retractable diamond sharpening rod

Retractable diamond sharpening rod

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  • Sharpen serrated knives: Use the pointed end to sharpen serrated knives so they’re good as new. 
  • Sharpen flat blade knives: Use the round, cylindrical end to sharpen regular knives with flat (non serrated) edges. The diamond grit sharpens blade to razor sharp with a few quick strokes.
  • Fast & easy to use: You can sharpen flat knives in under a minute, and serrated knives in five minutes or less. 
  • Use all around the home and garden: Use this sharpener on pocket knives, kitchen knives, garden knives, scissors, hand pruners, weeders, and all kinds of other tools with blades.  Even sharpens fishing hooks.
  • Stores easily. The sharpening rod is small and portable, with an aluminum case to protect it when not in use.