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Cultivator Hoe

Cultivator Hoe

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  • ONE TOOL TO RULE THEM ALL - The cultivator hoe garden tool can replace your other gardening hand tools - This garden hoe is a mattock, pickaxe, hand tiller, garden fork, and digging tool in one. 
  • GET LEVERAGE NOT SPLINTERS - Our smooth polished, 14" beechwood long handle makes it one of the best planting and weeding tools for garden 
  • AIN'T GOT TINEs FOR WEEDS - the powder coated solid steel head has 3 angled tines and a makes for a great tiller cultivator 
  • YOU COMPLETE ME - Our hoe garden tool is the perfect compliment to our Truly Garden Toolbelt.  Save 25% when you buy them together.  They make a great gardening gifts.
  • NO MUSS, NOT FUSS - Minimal Compostable Eco-Friendly Packaging